Although graduating from the Sheridan College of Applied Arts classical animation program and also taking one year of technical animation, my interest has not been entirely focused in the field of animation itself. Instead, I have always taken an open and varied approach to my ongoing education in the visual and creative arts.
My personal interests include music, short films, childrenís books, poetry, short stories and painting. I enjoy exploring and struggling with ideas and new mediums; seeking to challenge myself to grow as an artist and discovering new ways in which to interpret, express and communicate these ideas. Striving for that hopeful balance between the form and its function; I endeavour to bring these discoveries to my professional work.
Over the span of my career I have immersed myself in a variety of visual art adventures ranging from multi-media camera man, film/sound editing technologist, product and graphic designer, art instructor, theatrical set painter, special effects animator and designer, illustrator, and most recently magazine and script writer.
It has undoubtedly been a roller coaster ride with its share of excitement and anxieties, but always one that Iíve enjoyed.